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The first Writing about loss workshop was held on 18 July 2015, at the Pavilion at the North Carlton Railway Neighbourhood House, which is a small, peaceful space overlooking a couple of bocce pitches.

Grief cafe

As well as our workshops, Writing about loss is involved in some small informal get-togethers, where we can talk about loss and writing, and not have to feel intimidated by workshopping, or worry about how much we have or haven’t written.

Come join us for a cup of tea or drink of your choice, all welcome. Find out more details in our Events section on our Facebook page

Future workshops

More workshops will be scheduled, as well as online courses, in the future.

The workshops involve small groups of people who:

  • reflect on what writing brings for us
  • consider what draws us to write about grief and loss, and the joys of life
  • do some writing and other exercises, and
  • workshop and discuss some of the challenges we experience when writing.

If you feel vulnerable, we are all there to listen and offer support. Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect. If you don’t feel like sharing, that choice is respected, too.

Sign up to show your interest

To find out about future workshops and courses:

  • sign up for the Writing about loss newsletter (no spam) from the homepage
  • email me (via the Contact form) to let me know you’d like to come, and I’ll add you to the list, and
  • like the Writing about loss page on Facebook.