I’m Sam. I’m a writer, lawyer and mentor, but most of all I’m a person who has experienced loss. A loss that it’s taken me my whole life (so far) to try and understand, and to write about – really write about.

I’m also a helper – I want a life with meaning, and to support others and share what I have learned.

I’ve had a book project on grief and loss – a practical, supportive guide – electronically filed away for 12 years now. I submitted a proposal to a publisher, who didn’t even say no – they just didn’t say yes. But I’ve been publishing online for a long time now, and understand that this is my medium, and the opportunity it gives us to connect with people across time and space is undeniable. And the time to bring this project to life has come.

As I build this site I will publish content on grief itself – how it is defined, cultural attitudes to death and dying, rituals and healing – as well as stories from people who have suffered, and recovered, links to support servicesĀ and other resources on coping with grief, arranging a funeral, caring for yourself and others.

The focus, however, will be on writing, and how the act of writing can help. I will offer guided courses where we explore together ways you can get unstuck, and ways you can refine and craft your stories. Hopefully we can build a supportive community together.

Writing is hard work. But I truly believe that it will help to heal me, over time, and I hope it can help you too.

If you’d like to know more about my writing experience, pop over to my Seven Projects site.