Welcome to Writing about loss, a site dedicated to the role that writing and creativity plays in the experience of grief, and life in general. It opens up a space for us to talk about difficult emotions, to feel supported to write about those feelings, and to share our writing. It offers some reflections on what grief means, as well as some useful places to go, if you need some help.

Writing workshops

Join us as we explore writing about life, and loss. Our workshops, courses and meetings are small and personal.

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Information about grief

Information and resources about the process of grieving, and the symptoms and rituals associated with loss. Find more information and support.

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Writing and stories

Read stories writers have shared – about loss, memory and living. Submit your own writing, and share your thoughts.

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9 months ago

This is a beautiful description

'You don't get over grief, you just learn to have it as part of your life.'

This analogy of how we deal with bereavement is spot on.

10 months ago

Finding refuge

A question I am often asked is: How do I find refuge in the midst of grief? What can help me move through the pain of separation?

I hope these resources are helpful 🙏❤️

10 months ago


Pain that's not allowed to be expressed turns in on itself & creates more problems. Unacknowledged & unheard pain doesn’t go away. The way to survive grief is by allowing pain to exist, not in ... See more

10 months ago

Grief is so far from being linear...

A few years ago we posted this image and it quickly become one of our most shared posts. We watched as hundreds of people "liked," commented, and shared this post on their pages. It seemed to be one ... See more

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